April and May Manta Madness!!!!

If there's one thing you've been hearing over the last few years in Tobago, is where have the Mantas gone?  We'll we can safely say they have arrived!  Over the last two months the conditions have been perfect, and we've been seeing Manta's virtually every other day.  Not only that, but Hammerheads at Sisters too!

The diving in Tobago is little known by the rest of the world, but recent reviews in Sport Diver and other diving magazines seem to be raising the profile of this small caribbean island.  The Speyside area has some of the best diving in the Caribbean for the more adventurous diver, whilst the South-West has much more easy diving for the more casual diver.  Add to this regular visits of the Manta's, what more could you ask for?

Just take a look at the recent Manta photo's taken by Lloyd Krohn, and the Greater Hammerhead photo taken by Mac McClure, to see what you are missing.

Manta - Click to Enlarge Hammerhead - Click to Enlarge Manta - Click to Enlarge
News: Delta Airlines fly direct to Tobago

Delta AirlinesFor all of our American divers we have excellent news. Delta Airlines have confirmed that as of December 2007 they will be flying direct from Atlanta to Tobago.  This makes the journey a lot simpler than flying to Trinidad, and getting another hopper flight to Tobago.  If you need help arranging flights either direct or via the Tobago Express hopper, then let us know. 
Tobago - "A Scuba Diver's Paradise"

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If old Caribbean style and excellent scuba diving are what you are looking for, then Tobago is the place for you.

Pigeon Point Beach - Click to Enlarge We are located at the very bottom of the Caribbean chain of islands about 760 miles (1,220 km) north of the equator, and about 50 miles from South America.  We are a two island nation, and our better known sister island is called Trinidad, just about 21 miles (33km)  to our south-west.  Trinidad and Tobago are very different both socially and economically, and Tobago can be accessed by both air and sea bridge at very low cost.  Trinidad is much more of a business driven island, with a large number of internationally known businesses located there.  The primary resource that provides the nations wealth in Trinidad and Tobago, is oil which is exported mainly to the United States and South America.

With the inevitable growth in Trinidad, crime has become an increasing problem, which has made international headlines.  Conversely Tobago is shielded from these problems, as the only methods of getting to the island are by sea and air, which are both heavily monitored and policed.  Tobago is a tourist based island, specializing in Scuba Diving, Bird Watching, Snorkelling, Mountain Biking, and other recreational driven activities.  Our crime rate is less than that of most first world countries, although I would recommend the normal holiday precautions.  To read more check out our About Tobago or General Information sections, for the history, and other details of interest.

Training at Manta Lodge - Click to EnlargeTobago is a year round scuba diving destination, as our wet season usually consists of short sharp showers, which at most times are a welcome respite from constant sunshine.  We are located about 11 degrees north of the equator which is outside of the normal paths of hurricanes, which may mean the odd windy day, as the beginnings of tropical storms pass us by, but rarely ever disrupt our diving schedule.

The key area for scuba diving in Tobago is in the North East (Speyside), as the reefs here are in lush condition, and with Goat Island and Little Tobago providing plenty of shelter, there are some 40 dives based just here.  Speyside is a small fishing village with very little commercial facilties, and because of the lack of construction here, have left the inshore reefs as some of the best scuba diving in the whole of the caribbean, and all within a 5-20 minute boat ride from Speyside jetty.  The South West of the island has several good reefs and wrecks to visit, and are in general very easy and calm dives.   We also teach BSAC, NAUI and SSI schools, so whichever path you choose, should you want training, we have an instructor to cover it.

So come visit Tobago, and see what everyone else is missing!
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